Design of Supercritical CO2 Cycles | Video

The Flownex Supercritical CO2 webinar will provide the following overview: 

Design for optimal cycle efficiency 
Flownex includes a fully integrated parametric study feature and sensitivity analysis feature to easily analyse changes in cycle efficiency with changes in design parameters. Solving times are typically in the order of a few seconds which allows users to run 100s of scenarios in only a few minutes. 
Flownex also contains a large library of visualization tools that allow engineers to quickly analyse the results in a graphical format for use in evaluating design changes. 

Off design performance analysis 
Flownex provides the capability to perform dynamic simulations of a supercritical C02 cycle over its full range of operation. This includes working fluid and turbo machinery inertia's, heat capacitance and all other relevant dynamic behavior. 

Multiple coupled cycle analysis 
Flownex allows multiple cycles with different fluids to be simulated together in a dynamic environment. This can be useful in thermal storage design, waste heat recovery, control philosophy investigations, accident scenario simulations, etc. 


13 February 2017


sCO2, brayton cycle, optimization, power cycle analysis, dynamic simulation