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Increase productivity with Flownex’s scale drawing features - Secondary air system modelling

Flownex’s updated scale drawing functionality allows for faster building of gas turbine secondary air system networks.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how the new scaled drawing functionality can be used when modelling secondary flow systems.

Times available:
Nov, 29 | Thursday | 09:00 GMT+2 / 18:00 GMT+2

Flownex is capable of modelling large complex secondary air systems using the library of rotating components. However, the complexity of these systems results in many dimensions and in turn results in many geometric inputs on the Flownex components used to model these systems.
The latest Flownex release contains major enhancements to the scale drawing functionality. This allows the user to link measurements on the drawing canvas directly to user inputs on the rotating components.
Linking inputs to measurements reduces the amount of time the user needs to spend entering in geometry and also greatly reduces the chance of making an error in the inputs.

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