Flownex library modules include all modules that include integrated libraries in Flownex SE; these modules will be discussed in this section.

ControlControl module

Control library configuration includes analog components (controllers, Filters, Inputs and outputs IO, math functions and switches ), digital components (Counters, IO's, Logic, Switches and Timers) and some converters (analog to digital, digital to analog, integer to double, etc.)

Electrical module

Electrical library configuration includes admittance components (generators, motors, transformers, etc.), auxiliary components (base power, base voltage, synchronizer, etc.), nodes (bus, fixed voltage node, infinite grid, etc.) and switches such as a breaker.


User extendibility allows users to write their own libraries consisting of components, editors, links, solvers, etc. that interface seamlessly with Flownex Simulation Environment. These user extendable libraries can then interact with existing or future Flownex Simulation Environment libraries such as the transient, design and analysis modules.