Flownex core modules include all modules that form the core simulation function of Flownex SE; these modules will be discussed in this section.

Flownex Simulation Environment including basic thermal fluid models

This is the basic Flownex steady state version. This configuration includes the ability to deal with both liquids and gasses, the ability to deal with adiabatic flows, as well as flows with heat transfer. The network component models included in the standard version are reservoirs, pipes, ducts, pumps, fans, compressors, turbines, heat exchangers, valves and orifices. This configuration also includes visualization graphs, text outputs, result layers, data logger and result export to excel, Buttons, gauges, sliders etc. of visualization is included as well as the ability to create compound components.

Advanced fluid thermal module

This configuration includes advanced features such as gas mixtures, homogeneous two phase flow, coupled heat transfer through solid structures, special components used in the design of turbomachinery such as rotating pipes and annulus. It also includes combustion modeling, the Script element and the Excel component.

Design and analysis module

This configuration includes advanced features such as the designer routine, stochastic routines used in probabilistic analyses (Sensitivity Analysis, Parametric Study). This capability can be applied to all libraries and on both steady state and transient modules.

Transient module

"The dynamic (transient) simulation features of Flownex include the following: The ability to start the simulation from steady-state or specified initial conditions; Variable time-step sizes; Open loop events can be specified at different time steps (e.g. Varying or fixing of variables; Switching controllers on or off; etc.) and the plot values of multiple parameters are displayed on the screen.

Nuclear module

Nuclear models such as the Pebble bed reactor (Generation 2) and advanced pebble bed models (Generation 3).