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The visualization library in Flownex SE provides users with the building blocks to create a vast array of visual guides, buttons, graphs and complete interface pages within a Flownex project.

All visualization components can interact and respond instantaneously to; changes, inputs and results, sent to or received from a Flownex network.

For Example; a user can place a toggle button (visualization component) in a network, the toggle button can be linked to the fraction open input property of a Flownex valve to toggle the value to 0 if closed and to 1 if open. Therefore, when the button is toggled in interact mode, it will change the fraction open of the Flownex valve. 



Visualization Tools & Components

The visualization library in Flownex SE provides users with the building blocks to create a vast array of visual guides and displays, the various components available are:



The visualization controls provide components that interact with the simulation.




Dial components display properties in a dial format.

Input Output (IO) Box

Input Output (IO) Box provides an editable input box where inputs can be given to linked properties; the IO can also display result properties.

Progress bar

Progress Bar

Progress Bar will show the properties over a specific range.

Push Buttons & Toggle Button

Toggle and Push buttons allow users to create switch type components. The switch button will allow 2 states and the toggle button an additional toggle state.



Track Bar

Track Bar allows users to track a property over a specified range.




Line graphLine Graph

Line graph will draw selected property values versus time.

Bar graphBar Graph

The bar graph will draw selected property values as bars. 

Pie graphPie Graph

The pie graph will draw selected property values as pie slices.

XY Graph

The XY graph will draw any two property values against each other.

XY Graph

XY Graph - Locus Plot

The locus plot is a special version of the XY graph, in that XY data can be set up beforehand by the library author. In addition to property values, chart or lookup table data can be specified to be drawn on the graph.

Interface Capabilities

Visualization allows users to create graphical and descriptive interfaces to interact with a Flownex network; the interfaces allow engineers and operators to interact with Flownex networks in a similar manner as an HMI (Human Machine Interface) interacts to the actual plant, it is also possible to implement animation warnings to guide users during simulation. 

Visualization interfaces can provide realistic graphical representation of familiar operator controls.



Animation in Visualization

Animation function in visualization tools allows users to change graphical properties of visualization components.

Visualization components can be linked to dynamic/static properties in a Flownex project and the appearance of the component can be determined by the value or the property.

For Example; a reservoir is drained and filled in a simulation, a track bar can be linked to the reservoir level and animation can be setup to change the color of the reservoir dependent on the level, therefore, in the dynamic simulation the track bar background color will change between transparent for safe conditions, orange for dangerous conditions and red for critical conditions.