The Flownex Designer

Flownex features a designer functionality where automatic calculation of component sizes and capacities are possible to obtain a specified or number of specified system operating conditions. For instance, to determine the orifice sizes for flow balancing in a system or determining the shaft speed or turbine guide vane angle in a power matched turbo-unit. A first generation direct design facility allows the automatic calculation of component and equipment sizes and capacities to obtain a specified system operating condition. In essence, the Flownex Designer allows the Flownex user to achieve the desired result or state by varying a related parameter.


Designer Variables

In order to design a system, users will vary dependent variables between a minimum and maximum value to achieve the desired results, these variables include any adjustable component parameter in a simulation, such as

  • Mass flows
  • Pressures
  • Temperatures
  • Heat transfer
  • Rotational speed
  • Power output
  • etc.


Design Examples



  • Change valve openings to achieve the desired mass flow & pressure drop through system.
  • Determine pipe diameters & roughness to achieve required pressure drop.


Heat Transfer:

  • Determine wall thickness to achieve desired heat loss to the atmosphere.
  • Determine pipe lengths to achieve sufficient heat transfer.


Turbo Units & Pumps:

  • You can optimize your pump speed to achieve a specific mass flow.
  • Scale turbines & compressors to achieve desired efficiency & power output.



Flownex Design Tool