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The DCS (Distributed Control System) is an add-on library to Flownex SE. It is used for the simulation of process control system logic circuits and mathematical operations. The DCS library was developed to be used in the Flownex Simulation Environment and can be integrated with all the Flownex libraries. 

The DCS library provides the ability to emulate an entire control system of a process that is simulated with components from the Flownex library as part of a single simulation package. The control system can be linked to data from any component in a flow network created with components from the Flownex library (acting as level and proximity sensors and measurement transmitters). This data can be processed using components from the DCS library in an integrated control system to control switches, motors, actuators, etc.



It is possible to create complete plant simulators in a single environment (Flownex Simulator Environment) by integrating flow components, electrical components, and DCS components. The Flownex Visualization library provides the ability to create plant operator user interfaces (HMI) that can be used to simulate a plant operating room, providing complete engineering and operator training solutions.



The Flownex Control library configuration includes analog components (controllers, Filters, Inputs and outputs IO, math functions and switches ), digital components (Counters, IO's, Logic, Switches and Timers) and some converters (analog to digital, digital to analog, integer to double, etc.)