Fluid models iconLiquid & Gas

Flownex Simulation Environment has multiple fluids and fluid types available to the user; these fluid types include gasses (compressible) and liquids (incompressible); the Flownex liquid and Gas Libraries will be discussed in this section.

Liquids (Incompressible)

Liquids are commonly used for simulation of water reticulation, oil, and other liquid distribution systems; fuel systems; fire protection; liquid cooling and heating systems, etc.

Gasses (Compressible)

Gasses are commonly used for ventilation systems, pneumatic systems, control air systems, gas distribution and supply systems, gas turbine cycles, combined cycle power stations and more

Flownex fluids take into account:

  • Compressibility
  • Mole mass
  • Critical pressure
  • Density (constant, table, equation or script)
  • Viscosity (constant, table, equation or script)
  • Conductivity (constant, table, equation or script)
  • Cp/Enthalpy (constant, table, equation or script)
  • Entropy (constant, table, equation or script)
  • Bulk Modulus
  • Vapor pressure (equation or table)
  • Combustion properties