ANSYS 2018 Kickoff sales event

ISIMQ and EnginSoft are hosting a 1D to 3D-CFD system design symposium for Turbomachinery on 24 April at the Lindner Hotel Airport in Düsseldorf. Using Flownex as the 1D-CFD system tool, you can expect to see examples, references and best practices.

Using the ANSYS (Mechanical, CFX, and Fluent) coupling link in Flownex, efficient information exchange between these two software packages is achieved. 1D network components can be characterized by the data from 3D-CFD simulations, and in turn, the 1D-CFD simulation can then be used to identify boundary conditions for 3D-CFD simulations. Thus, 1D and 3D-CFD can be viewed complementary to each other.

You can look forward to hearing about the typical physical aspects of turbomachinery applications as well as all the benefits and basics of coupling 1D and 3D codes in ANSYS CFD at this 1-day workshop.

Registration fee is €150.00 and includes a one-month trial of Flownex. Click here for more information and how you can register.

About the hosts

Active in the field of Simulation-Based Engineering and Sciences, EnginSoft has great proficiency in various disciplines, from fluid dynamics, mechanical and structural engineering as well as high- and low-frequency electromagnetism. They help companies improve competitiveness and reliability in product and process development.


ISIMQ is an innovative computation fluid dynamics (CFD) service provider, providing innovative development within projects, including custom model development, advanced Multiphysics and robust designs.