Cross Flow Bare Tube Recuperator

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Cross Flow Bare Tube Recuperator

A recuperator is a specific application of a heat exchanger used to recover heat from a hot fluid. Perhaps the most frequent application of a recuperator is to recover heat from hot flue gas before it is discharged into the atmosphere. Several different recuperator designs are used in industry, however one of the simplest and most cost effective designs is a bundle of bare tubes positioned in cross flow to the flue gas. The tubes may be a single pass or multi-pass design.

A compound component was developed in Flownex┬« to model a single tube pass recuperator based on bare tubes in cross flow to a rectangular shell. The component is set up such that a minimum of inputs are required to assess the performance of the design. The process inputs are specified at the boundary conditions while the recuperator geometry is specified on the recuperator element itself. Bundles can easily be connected in series for the exhaust gas, as is usually the case, but they can also be connected in parallel. Combinations of series and parallel bundles can also be specified with ease. Similarly, the connection of the tube-side flow paths can be as simple or complex as the user wants.