Immersion Firetube Model

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Immersion Firetube Model

Updated for Flownex 8.8 and later

Please note that the original immersion firetube model (ver 1.5) will no longer work with Flownex 8.8 and later. Therefore the model has been updated to version 1.61, please download this update. Please note Ver 1.61 fixes an issue with firetube diameters when switching between schedule specification and geometry specification.

Immersion firetubes, as the name suggests, are tubes or pipes fully immersed in a fluid with a burner firing into one end. The combustion gases flow through the firetube and leaves at the other end, normally into an exhaust stack. The immersion tube aims to transfer as much heat as possible to the fluid within the boundaries of inevitable practical constraints.  

Indirect heating processes have been widely used in the oil and gas and several other industries for many decades. Advantages of indirect heating include:

  • the relatively low cost of the equipment
  • separation of the high pressure process fluid from the heating medium via simple pressure piping
  • relatively high efficiencies
  • low maintenance and running cost
  • reduced heat loss
  • long operational life

The heating medium may be water, water-glycol, salt, steam and air for indirect heaters, or any fluid that needs to be heated directly. Water is possibly the most common medium due to its low cost.

The Flownex model presented implements a simple immersion firetube. A more comprehensive discussion and case study on immersion firetubes is also attached.