External Heat Transfer Pipe

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External Heat Transfer Pipe

Updated for Flownex 8.8 and later

Please note that the original external heat transfer pipe model (ver 1.5) will no longer work properly with Flownex 8.8 and later. Therefore the model has been updated to version 1.6, please download this update.

Heat loss from pipelines is a very common engineering consideration. This relatively simple compound component enables the design engineer to quickly and accurately estimate these heat losses and assists in the selection of the most cost effective insulation option.

The External Heat Transfer Pipe model implements the Churchill and Bernstein (1) correlations for forced convection across a cylinder and the Churchill and Chu (2, 3) correlations for natural convection over horizontal and vertical cylinders. Radiation heat transfer from the external surface is modelled using Flownex’s built-in radiation heat transfer capability included with the Composite Heat Transfer element. Inputs and results are simplified such that only relevant information is presented.

Update: Ver. 1.61 fixed an error relating to vertical pipes under natural convection. Please update to the latest version.