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Natural Draft Exhaust Stack


Although Flownex is capable of modelling natural draft processes out of the box, it is convenient to have a dedicated natural draft exhaust stack component available which may be added to any applicable process. Furthermore, this basic component may be used in conjunction with other combustion compound components to simplify the process flow diagram.

Natural draft processes rely on buoyancy effects to generate draft. However, when modelling an exhaust stack, the stack height also implies a small but significant pressure drop due to elevation. These two effects combine to drive the natural draft flow.

Additionally, the exhaust stack compound component implements convenient mechanisms to specify stack geometry and losses such as the elbow between the vertical stack and the horizontal piping feeding into the stack. It allows for a unity exit loss as well as an additional loss factor that could be used for any additional losses in the stack design such as a velocity seal, a silencer or a spark arrestor.