Generator Seal Oil System

THEME: Failure Mode Analysis of Thermo Hydraulic Machine Components 

This case study ‘Generator Seal Oil System’, aims to demonstrate the capability of Flownex SE to simulate thermo hydraulic machine system components such as seals and simulate operational scenarios to test limits of the machine component to determine the failure modes and effects analysis of the component, to gain better understanding of how the system behaves and works. 

This case study presents how Flownex SE was successfully employed to model a power generation unit hydrogen seal ring and determine causes of seal failure leading to system trips. The Flownex simulation model clearly demonstrated the relationships between system pressure, seal clearances and turbine speeds.

One of the main benefits of modelling the system to determine failure modes and causes was the saving realised by being about to perform this investigative study in the simulation environment. In order to conduct an inspection and investigation in the plant after a trip the machine is shut down and the time required for cool down, stripping, inspection and restarting is considerably costly. This simulation study quickly highlighted the out of specification issue causing the system trips allowing the client to confidently take remedial action to eliminate the issue causing the system trips. 

Open case study