Boiler Tube Failure Thermo-Hydraulic Analysis

This case study ‘Boiler Tube Failure Thermo-Hydraulic Analysis’, aims to demonstrate the capability of Flownex SE to carry out investigative analysis of tube failure issues on a boiler, using Flownex to test various hypotheses which were considered to be the cause of tube failures. This case study also shows the versatility of Flownex to work in an interactive communicate manner with other modelling software in this case ANSYS structural analysis.

The case study presents how Flownex SE was successfully employed in the investigation of boiler tube failures in a power plant setting. Having built a representative model of the boiler wall section in Flownex by importing geometric data from ANSYS it was possible to test all assumptions regarding the cause of the tube failures, related to the thermodynamic effects of operation in Flownex. Then the temperature distribution data from Flownex were fed back into ANSYS to analyse the structural effects on the boiler tube wall owing to the Flownex obtained temperature distribution data.

The results from the model corresponded very well with the measured data from the plant, so this meant the Flownex model was an accurate simulation model of the existing plant performance. This enabled the model to be used for further data analysis for various other plant operating scenarios in the future. 

Open case study