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   Webinars Series Increase Plant Performance 7 Febr 07

This webinar will discuss a few efficient methods for tuning PID controllers and demonstrate how this can be done with ease and accuracy in Flownex.

The control system is the nervous system for a plant. It senses, analyses and adjusts the physical process during operation.
As plants are modified or expanded control systems are often quickly modified to manage new processes without considering the effect on the control of the entire process.
This often results in poorly controlled processes where production cannot be increased to a maximum due to large oscillations in the process conditions.


When a control system is properly tuned, the process variability is reduced, efficiency is maximized, energy costs are minimized and the production rates can be increased. 

As downtime in production is very costly, computer simulations of processes are an ideal environment to make improvements to control systems. Flownex is an ideal tool for this and allows users to model both control systems and thermal fluids processes in one software package.

  • February 7, 2017, 07:00AM / 1:00PM / 5:00PM SAST





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