Fluid quality


Does the property quality in "Flow and Geometry variables" of the results tab not indicate "dryness level" rather than humidity? The value is often minus or more than 1. If the property is quality, should it not be between 0 and 1?


According to the traditional thermodynamic definition, it is correct to assume that Quality should be between 0 and 1, because it is an indication of the quality in the two-phase region. What Flownex does in the case when a fluid is super-heated (e.g. all the water turned into steam), then the Quality is indicated as a value above 1. When the fluid is fully saturated (e.g. only liquid water is present), then Flownex indicates a negative Quality value. Therefore, as implemented in Flownex, the thermodynamic definition of quality has been extended to indicate when the fluid is not in the two-phase region.


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