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Control Stations and SCADA Systems

In conjunction with the engineering model, a Graphical User Interface can easily be set up, enabling plant optimization and fault finding as well as operator training for plant and operator personnel. The Flownex solver allows fast simulation speeds (in the order of real time solution, depending on network size), thus enabling fast and on site simulation and decision making. 

The design, analytical and operational optimization abilities Flownex provides, allows Plant Designers, Plant Engineers, Plant Owners & Operators to fundamentally understand their plant/system and what makes the biggest differences in its performance, leading to optimum performance and cost effective plant/system design and operation.

 Flownex is capable of the following Control & SCADA simulation in power generation systems:

  • Complete cycle.
  • Combining the engineering model with Flownex’s Graphical User Interface.
  • Scenario simulation modeling tools.
  • Control system design while connected to Flownex network.
  • Develop test and evaluate operating procedures.
  • Perform commissioning and testing of control systems connected to Flownex.
  • Connect to hardware control systems through OPC i.e. - Siemens, ABB, Honeywell, etc.



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