New Release
Simulation Environment
Nuclear Standards
New Release
Simulation Environment
Nuclear Standards

Analysis uses

  • Simulation
  • Performance assessment
  • Modification assessment
  • Fault root cause assessment

Design uses

  • System sizing
  • Component sizing
  • Determining operating ranges
  • Flow, temperature, pressure, power consumption, etc.
  • Testing of control philosophy

Training uses

  • System behaviour examination
  • Performing basic flow and heat transfer calculations
  • Thermohydraulic principles and properties referencing



Simulation has revolutionized flow and heat transfer dependent systems over the past decades by minimizing costly physical testing and accelerating time to operation around the world. But for many companies, such simulation has largely focused on components and proved to be very time consuming. The technology advancements delivered by Flownex SE now offer a fast, reliable and accurate total system and subsystem approach to simulation.